Introducing DASH2 MAX, crafted with 6mm of genuine PORON FOAM, a new standard for esports performance, quality, and a surface feel! With soft below-surface stitching, this mousepad offers a luxurious feel for your wrist, reducing fatigue during intense gaming sessions. Its thick and soft foam with a balanced rebound deliver extra control and a competitive edge that sets MAX apart.

Comparing to our FOCUS3 MAX, the DASH2 MAX boasts a lightly textured surface tailored for speed, while the FOCUS3's smooth surface is engineered for precise control. Both mousepads share premium construction, ensuring long-lasting quality that enhances your gaming experience.

With the new MAX mousepads, you choose out of two unique surfaces, united by the high-quality construction and a beautiful orange design. You have the power to press your mouse into the pad for extra control when needed, or simply apply typical pressure to play normally. The choice is yours, and it effortlessly adapts to your gaming style.

LARGE: 480x400x6mm provides generous space for large mouse movements.

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