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Fnatic Book, How to be a Professional Gamer



How to be a Professional Gamer



Including tips on game strategy, teamwork and mental strength, How to be a Professional Gamer is both a guide for how to improve as a regular gamer, and the story of Fnatic and how they’ve conquered the world of esports.


Watched by millions and contested by the best professional gamers in the world, League of Legends is more than a game.


Since the very beginnning of eSports, Fnatic have been competing at the highest level. In 2011, they won the World Championships and in 2015 they achieved the impossible: an entire regular season undefeated. 


In How to be a Professional Gamer, they take you inside the elite world of the sport, and into the world of competitive gaming. Sharing their knowledge, expertise, and strategies, it’s only a matter of time before you’re a world champion, too.

Tech Specs

Paperback 256 pages
Publisher Century
Language English
Product dimensions 15.5 x 2 x 23.5 cm

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